The Sea and I

Sunday October 19, 2008

Since eighth grade I have lived by the sea. I was fortunate that my parents bought a house across from the ocean in Fort Lauderdale. I have lived in that wonderful old house ever since. I have raised two sons and have shared my love of the sea with them and my husband, George.

I started writing poetry about the ocean when I was in High School. Since I specialize in beach and waterfront properties, I thought I would share some of my poems about the sea. Feel free to send me one of your poems if you like.

- Mollie

I have a special friend
Since childhood she's been a friend of mine
And she comforts me each time -
The sea and I.

On restless nights when I can't sleep
I can hear her reassuring roar
And in the dawn when I awake
I run to greet her on the shore -
The sea and I.

The sandpipers all know her well
And they dash and dart from her caress
A playful mother, pouting child
I guess I understand her best -
The sea and I.

When hope takes flight on puffy clouds
And life becomes a crushing foe
I have but one friend I run to
The only friend I'll always know -
The sea and I.

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The Sea and I

Oct 19, 2008