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Docherty, Patricia Mobile: 954-661-1136
Fax: 954-565-0666
pcdocherty at

Donaldson, Brian Home: 954-566-9513
Mobile: 954-873-9701
Fax: 954-566-9513
briandonaldson at

Foltice, Kimberly Mobile: 954-593-1598
ksf777 at

Meyers, Edoardo Mobile: 954-600-7647
emeyers62 at

Meyers, Mark Mobile: 954-914-6770
Fax: 954-563-5715
mmeyers13 at

Meyers, Mollie Home: 954-566-2974
Fax: 954-563-5715
mollie at

Nagel, Perry Home: 954-630-1431
Mobile: 954-552-5114
Fax: 954-566-6155
htx0761 at

Nocera, Claudio Mobile: 347-484-0838
Fax: 888-491-0639
claudiodecapri at

Pommier, Billie Mobile: 954-683-6188
billiep1 at

Rose, Deborah Mobile: 518-775-8421
dhrose1031 at

*some agents may not be listed.